Here you will find design projects that I have worked upon, mostly in the motion graphics area for tv and web. I have been the principle designer in what you see below. These following four design frames are for Turner tv company, for their annual conference in Miami. They were designed for a giant video wall at the conference. Turner has over a dozen tv networks across the globe and what you see here are the four segments of News, Movies, Lifestyle and Kids entertainment.

Turner News

Turner Movies

Turner Lifestyle

Turner Kids

This was a poster designed for a week long event at Manhattanville college.

This poster is for an annual marathon event in the city of Nagpur, India.

HSN Tv promo: design and animation.

Experimental: design

HSN Tv promo: design and animation

Two click interactive: design and animation

HSN Tv promo: design and animation

Pitch for tv segment: design

Pitch: rebranding for Hallmark Network

Tomi Isenheim. : movie stylization study, 2010